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ACM Removals Ltd has a team of experts who are capable of handling specific asbestos removal challenges that require expertise and experience.

ACM Removals Ltd also offers environmental cleaning services for spaces that have been contaminated with asbestos, where this approach is the best way to address the asbestos contamination. This usually happens when asbestos is disturbed and fibres are released in the air, contaminating the surrounding areas.

We also offer consultancy services for all types of asbestos, helping customers find the best solution for buildings that contain asbestos, from arranging testing and surveying to addressing the asbestos containment or removal.

In the past ACM Removals Ltd have handled such challenges and provided unique solutions according to specific situations. Some examples include:

  • Restoration of old train locomotives for the Museum of Transport and Technology Auckland, which was an equally rewarding and challenging project. Asbestos was used for the production and/or insulation of some parts of trains, which are unique and can’t be replaced. Asbestos removal in this case required some outside the box thinking and creativity;
  • Refurbishment of the Bird Aviary in Auckland Zoo which was a challenge because of the specific environment and its inhabitants;
  • Boiler room in New Lynn that required some creative thinking as well. After creating an enclosure and removing the asbestos, the roof of the boiler room had to be lifted to extract the boiler with a crane and place it in an asbestos bin;
  • Soil removal at the train station, which involved all the usual challenges of soil remediation, but also required special consideration of the health and safety risks that are present at such a specific site;
  • Removal of asbestos pipes found below the ground in the Auckland Hospital during excavation works. While following all the requirements of the removal process, we also had to take into account the requirements that accompany any works done with ADHB.

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