Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal should always be done by a licensed asbestos removal company.

When dealing with asbestos, it is important to understand all the dangers associated with this hazardous material and all the aspects of the removal process. That includes preparation of asbestos removal area and removal site, isolation of removal site, non-friable and/or friable asbestos removal process, decontamination process, clean up of work site, arranging the clearance and supplying the job documentation to the client. Our company has experience with both residential and commercial properties, providing adequate removal solutions for all types of asbestos.

Asbestos removal services offered
  • Class A asbestos removal – WorkSafe licence RA16060061
  • Class B asbestos removal – WorkSafe licence RB18030038

Class A asbestos removal refers to removal of friable asbestos. Friable means when dry, or as the result of a work process, may be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to a powder by hand pressure. Examples of friable asbestos include:

  • textured ceilings,
  • vinyl flooring,
  • pipe lagging etc.

Class B asbestos removal refers to removal of non-friable asbestos. Non-friable means, when dry it may not be crumbled, pulverised or reduced to powder by hand pressure (for example materials containing asbestos that have been mixed with cement or other hard bonding materials). Non-friable asbestos may become friable as a result of work processes over time (for example, degradation due to chemical exposure) or due to other factors (for example, damage by fire).

Examples of non-friable asbestos:
  • cladding,
  • soffits,
  • baseboards,
  • super six roofing,
  • gable ends etc.

Removing asbestos without proper knowledge and tools may lead to making the asbestos airborne and contaminating the property. This would endanger the health and safety of all parties involved. This is why licensed asbestos removalists are supervised by WorkSafe and required to adhere to legislation and regulations.

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