Contaminated Land Remediation

Soil contamination or pollution as a part of land degradation can also be caused by asbestos. Work involving asbestos-contaminated soil is permitted either as asbestos-related work or asbestos removal work.

There are several common reasons for asbestos to be present in the soil:

  • poor construction,
  • handling,
  • demolition,
  • disposal activities,
  • dumping.

Asbestos contamination in soil is a problem that is often overlooked, which poses a health and safety risk for all parties involved, as well as our environment. The asbestos fibres can’t break down, which means they will remain in the soil for an indefinite period of time. It is also important to know that asbestos contamination management differs from other contaminants. This is due to the nature of the material and potential risk of fibre inhalation and so the main aim of asbestos management is to prevent the generation of airborne fibres.

ACM Removals Ltd provides a broad range of industry solutions in the remediation of contaminated soil on sites. With in-depth health and safety procedures, knowledge and experience, our teams are fully prepared to deal with this to the highest industry standards.

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