Asbestos Audits & Surveys

Buildings built, altered or refurbished from 1940 until the mid-1980s are likely to contain ACMs.

If you suspect your home might have asbestos in your home, you have two options:

  • Collect a sample (if possible to do without disturbing the asbestos) and take it to a licensed laboratory, or bring a sample to us and we can arrange the testing.
  • Hire an Assessor to do an Asbestos Survey, which is a comprehensive document that outlines all the asbestos present in your home. That way you can be sure all the asbestos was documented by a professional with experience and proper licenses. One you receive the Survey, you can schedule the removal process based on the Assessor’s findings.

Once you determine that asbestos is present in your home, hire a licensed asbestos removal company, to ensure the process is done properly and according to legislation and regulations.

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