Commercial Buildings

ACM Removals offers services to commercial businesses, with the necessary expertise that these jobs require.

ACM Removals Ltd has provided asbestos removal services for over thirty years.  It has acquired a reputation for excellence during this time by providing expert and cost-effective service to many corporations in New Zealand.

This has enabled our Company to be involved with a number of high-profile projects for big commercial clients, as well as the NZ Government.

What services can we offer?

If you are looking for asbestos management, removal or disposal in a commercial environment, ACM Removals is the right choice. We are a fully licensed Class A and Class B removal company with an ISO 45001 licensed management system. Insured and certified to the highest level, our team will deliver your asbestos removal project to the highest standard.

Our scope of works has a wide range of activities relating to asbestos, including licensed friable and non-friable asbestos removal, airborne contamination, identifying and managing asbestos, encapsulation, demolition and creation and keeping of asbestos records. Consultants and independent assessors will be used where applicable as a third party.

ACM Removals specializes in challenging projects that require creative thinking and innovative solutions.

Examples of our work

ACM Removals Ltd had the opportunity to do an asbestos removal and disposal job in the AucklandZoo, on the Old Elephant House, Avery Quarters and West Entrance. This was a challenging job in an interesting environment and we enjoyed working on the home to the largest collection of wildlife in New Zealand.

One of the biggest project our Company has done to date was a demolition, asbestos removal and disposal job at the AUT South Campus, 622 Great South Road, Manukau. We also had the opportunity to collaborate with the Ministry of Education on nine projects that required special attention to scheduling to minimize the disturbance to the delicate school environment.

Another example of delicate environments were asbestos removal projects in hospitals. ACM Removals was involved in large-scale refurbishment projects in North Shore Hospital and Auckland City Hospital.

ACM Removals is proud to have been part of the Mercury Theatre refurbishment. Rich history and cultural importance of the Mercury Theatre dictated a special approach that involved creative solutions for the asbestos removal that would leave the building’s integrity an core structure intact.

What costs could you expect?

Because every project is different, please get in touch with us over the phone or fill in a request form on the right, and we can get back to you immediately.