Roof Removal

Asbestos was frequently utilized as a roofing material in New Zealand, because it seemed like the ideal component to include in a variety of roofing systems.

Asbestos roof is made from asbestos cement – a mixture of cement and asbestos. In order to strengthen the cement, asbestos fibers, which make up around 10-15% of the final product and create a hard substance, were added.

During its peak, asbestos roofing had many benefits. It was inexpensive and lightweight, durable and versatile, while being easy to source. It was also impervious to rot, rust, electricity, heat, and conductivity. Once asbestos was been identified as a known human carcinogen, asbestos roofs were banned.

One of the main reasons asbestos roofs are dangerous is that after years of exposure to sun and rain, they begin to fall apart, which is hazardous since the asbestos fibers they release throughout the process can become airborne.

Does my roof contain asbestos?

Whether the roofing material is corrugated or shingles, asbestos may be present in both, because it was so widely used in New Zealand. Roofs all around the country contain asbestos, which was once used as excellent building material, yet not acknowledged as being particularly harmful to health.

The best way to determine whether your roof has asbestos is to get it tested. ACMR is here to help with that.

How do I get rid of my asbestos roof?

If the test is positive, we can facilitate a removal process that complies with NZ legislature and ensures safety of our team and yourself. To make things as simple as possible for you, we provide a comprehensive service. Our specialists make sure to fully clean gutters, remove insulation where necessary, utilize safety equipment for heights, and vacuum and wash off everything after removal.We also make sure to drape the scaffolding, double wrap the waste material, dispose of it at a licensed landfill and run extra air monitors to ensure your ‘piece of mind’ is a priority.

We work with all the reputable roofing companies and can always recommend the ones that understand the importance of safe and efficient removal.

As the client, you have the right to request any papers pertaining to health and safety and removal procedures.

Once the removal is complete and we have obtained the necessary clearances, we can tarp the roof to protect your home from the elements, so that the roofing team can step in the very next day to set up your new roof.

What costs could you expect?

It really is dependent on what you desire as your last result. There are several factors we need take into account, but the average cost for B Class setup and removal is north of $60 per sqm. We encourage you to fill in a request form on the right, and we can get back to you immediately.

Let’s discuss this and how we work around your schedule to get the job done and make your roof right for you!