Asbestos Pickup & Disposal

Asbestos waste is considered hazardous, and proper procedures need to be followed during disposal to avoid contamination and exposure.

Any waste suspected to be asbestos should be tested by a licensed laboratory, and if determined positive, disposed of in a safe manner. In order to dispose of asbestos waste, a licensed asbestos company has to be contracted, because they have the expertise to appropriately wrap the asbestos waste to stop further exposure. Apart from that, only commercial clients with set up accounts can dispose of asbestos waste in licenced Auckland landfills, since transfer stations in Auckland do not accept asbestos.

ACM Removals Ltd offers an asbestos pick up service and disposal according to regulations at a licensed landfill. That includes:

  • proper wrapping,
  • transporting and
  • disposal.

Wrapping of asbestos is done with new heavy-duty 200 m (minimum thickness) polythene bags or heavy-duty 200 m (minimum thickness) polythene sheeting, as per regulations. While packing asbestos, controlled wetting of the asbestos waste is carried out to minimise asbestos dust emissions during bag or polythene sealing, or if the bag or wrapped bundles rupture. The bags are closed with a gooseneck tie and marked clearly to show that they are containing asbestos waste.

Transporting of asbestos from the site where there is no bin is done in a tipper truck or a trailer. They are double lined with polythene (minimum 200 m thickness) and sealed properly. Asbestos waste transported this way is dispose of as soon as reasonably practicable. Transporting of skip bins is done by accredited and licensed companies, according to regulations.

Disposal of asbestos is done at local or territorial authority landfill authorized under the Resource Management Act 1991 to accept asbestos waste.

Our company is also working with Auckland Council, removing asbestos waste that was improperly disposed of around Auckland. This service enables our company to contribute to the reduction of public space contamination through illegal disposal of asbestos.

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