Why remove guano

There are several situations that call for guano clean up, or Histoplasmosis remediation. They include:

  • Guano is located somewhere that people may disturb it.
  • Remodel is planned in the area where guano is located.
  • An odor persists after the bats have been excluded.
  • People in the home or building are having respiratory problems.
  • Commercial properties where liability is a concern.

What is involved?

Our technicians are trained to remove guano while minimizing the chances of spreading Histoplasmosis spores into the building. To protect the crew, we wear disposable clothing, eye protection and respirators with filters measuring one micron. The guano is double bagged and taken to an appropriate disposal facility. Finally fungicide is sprayed over the contaminated area to kill any lingering spores.

Guano removal is always best done after the bats are gone. Usually, we cannot even assess the situation or provide an estimate until the bats have left. Additionally, it is safer, and thus less expensive if the guano removal can be scheduled during the colder months of the year.

Our technicians focus on remediation. Unless other specific arrangements are made, we will remove all guano that is deep enough to cause a concern. Scattered droppings may still remain.

Finally, please note that guano clean up is an area commonly covered by home owner’s insurance policies. Please call your agent to see if you are covered.


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