Be Aware Of Asbestos

At ACM Removals, we are determined to provide the safest, most efficient and affordable asbestos disposal in NZ. This is an attitude that starts with our management team and continues right through our team of highly-trained professionals. Asbestos removal and disposal require an expert approach and we’re certainly qualified to handle any project, be it residential, commercial, civil or soil asbestos removal.

However, our services are not confined to asbestos disposal. Because asbestos has been so extensively used in New Zealand in years past, we offer a range of services that reflect that including asbestos audits and reports and even asbestos awareness training.

The potential for being exposed to asbestos in this country is significant. It actually happens more often than you might think, simply because asbestos was a hugely popular material back in the day. Asbestos was used in many ways around New Zealand because it is strong, fire-resistant, sound-dampening, and heat-insulating. These properties made it a natural addition to many building materials used in this country until we, and the rest of the world, became aware that it wasn’t all that safe after all.

Because of this wide variety of applications in the past, we believe our asbestos awareness training is very important, particularly in commercial and civil settings – although we think this type of training has a place in all situations. That’s why we encourage you to find out more about this service and educate yourself and everyone around you about asbestos. After all, that unknown substance you find in the recess of a building could potentially be asbestos – with it being used from the roof to the floor in the past, there’s every chance it is.

Anyone who works on an existing building including builders, demolition personnel,  maintenance workers, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning installers, or even homeowners renovating their properties, can be exposed to asbestos-contaminated materials. That risk is higher if the building was constructed before the 1980s. At ACM Removals, we firmly believe that everyone facing that risk should have some awareness of where they could find asbestos and what to do if you do suspect something contains asbestos.

You can’t be complacent around asbestos. Even though it can be perfectly safe when left alone and untouched, it can become highly dangerous when any sort of activity goes on around it. So please contact us and ask about our asbestos awareness training. Because when you’re more aware of asbestos, the safer you are around it.

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